Art studio in Netolice - Art factory

Netolice preserved its historical form as completely unique urban structure. Our design of art studio in the backyard of town house respect this unique environment, although using elements of contemporary architecture. New form(volume) takes close materials, shape-expression and scale from houses in the neighborhood.

Proposal of art studio is compositionally divided into two masses, which are in expression, the material used as well as different functional use. This contradiction is intentional, we are trying to deal with the historical foundation of the place.

The first mass based on the torso of original stone barn. We continue in the same material and stonework technology as barn was built. This space is also intended major functional use - an artist‘s studio. Fascinated dissected surrounding roof-landscape the new roof of the studio is divided into three parts, not only for reasons of shape modeling, but also for extracting the ideal lighting conditions for the functioning of the studio. The roof frame is chosen simple, rafters are plotted in steel beams. Roof cover over studio is designed from larch shindles with a triple overlap.

The second matter is designed differently. The starting point for this second volume was the maximum capacity remaining closed session following the adjacent cafe. The height of extension not compete with the dominant form of studio. The material consists of two parts of „broken“ roofs with metal sheet in dark grey color.

Art factory

place: Netolice, CZ
client: -
study: February 2014
authors: Michal Rouha, Martin Chlanda, Jana Fischerova
cooperation: -
completion: -
current state: -